Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday~ Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly bookish feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This weeks Top 10 list is: Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

It is really hard to say I will NEVER read a book because my interests and style changes and evolves all the time. I am always inspired by what other people are reading. My TBR usually reflects what others are enjoying and discussing.
So let's see get started with books that I will probably never read. 

#10 Anything by Stephen King: I am not a fan of horror and scary, twisted stories. I do like psychological thrillers like Gone Girl, but I cannot do scary. It has nothing to do with his writing style. I know he is an amazing author. It is just not my style. Books stick with me too much and I do not like feeling scared and paranoid. 

#9 Anything by Sarah Dessen: I have read several Sarah Dessen books in the past. She is an extremely popular YA Contemporary writer and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I just did not think her books were anything special. Her writing was just okay and the stories did not really grab me as unique or interesting. For me, she was just okay. I know so many people rave about her books but I just do not see it. There are so many more YA Contemporary author that I want to read (Morgan Matson, John Green, Gayle Forman, Rainbow Rowell) that I do not see myself picking up another one of her books. 

#8 Extras by Scott Westerfield: I enjoy Scott Westerfield books. He has a great distinctive writing style. I really liked Uglies (which is the first book in the series). I read book #2 and it was just okay and book #3 was just awful. I was very disappointed in the direction of the story. I thought it was getting really boring and I just lost interest. I do want to read some other books by Scott Westerfield but definitely not anything from the Uglies series.

#7 The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate: I read the first two books in the Fallen Series. I just think there are better books to be read out there. There is nothing wrong with this series. It is just not amazing. There are too many books I would rather read. I never felt intrigued by the characters or the story. Definitely will not be continuing with this one. 

#6 Marked, House of Night Series:  I have not given these books a chance. The reviews seem good for the first couple of books. Does this series ever end?? I think there are 12 books in the series AND it is not done! If a series is really long it needs to be fantastic and epic. I have to be very invested in the story and characters. This just does not seem like it is one of those series.  

#5 Deadly Class Volume 2: I read volume 1 of this popular comic book series when it was first released. It has amazing art and the story sounds really intriguing.This story was just not for me. I think I expected something more "Harry Potter" assassin school. I think the story it really good, it just was not for me. I thought the character development was a little lacking and there was just too much violence and drugs that distracted from the story. 

#4 Beautiful Creatures, Caster Chronicles Series: This series has so many mixed reviews. But most people say that it is okay or awful. Again, just do not have time for "okay" books. I like extraordinary! 

#3 Matched by Ally Condie:  Again, another series that does not have the best reviews. The first book, Matched, seems to have okay reviews. I have heard the series just goes down hill from there. This book does have a really good synopsis and sounds like something that I would enjoy.  I do trust a lot of people that say it is just not that great.

#2 Fifty Shades of Gray by EJ James: This book seems to be an over-hyped book. If I want to read a good romance book I have plenty I want to read instead of this one. The characters seems interesting but I think the story is going to distract from any development that the author has created. If I ever feel a need to find out what is going on, I think I will watch the movie instead. 

#1 Blood of Olympus, The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan: This may be one that may change over time. I read the first book in the Percy Jackson series. It was pretty good. Nothing amazing. I felt like I started too late on this series. I wish I would have read this series a long time ago. It is middle-grade and I just do not stay as interested in middle-grade fiction. Since I would have to read all of the Percy Jackson series to read this series, I just do not think it is going to happen. I know this is a well loved and interesting series. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I know it seems strange that I have not read this series too. 

Have you read any of these books on my list?? Do you agree with my list? What are some books you will probably never read?

Happy Reading!! 


  1. There are definitely some on you r list I know I will never read. I haven't read Sarah Dessen yet but I do think I am going to give her a try. Great list!

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you like any Sarah Dessen books. I did not have good luck, but she has so many books!

  2. There are some books on your list that I may never read. I am a huge Sarah Dessen fan but I will admit her last books were just blah. I almost considered never picking up another book of hers but I am picking up Saint Anything to see if I'll enjoy it.

    Tina, The Bookworm

    1. Saint Anything has a beautiful cover! It is very tempting, but I am going to pass. :)

  3. We have a couple in common, The Matched Trilogy and 50 Shades of Grey were on mine too. Percy Jackson and The Olympians is better than The Heroes of Olympus so if you do decide to read Percy Jackson then read those.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/top-ten-tuesday-3/

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! I have always wanted to read Percy Jackson. I have read the first one. Hopefully one day I will get motivated to read it!