Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Emoji Book Tag

This is one of my favorite book tags! I am so excited to do this tag and if you have done this tag, please link it below, I would love to see your answers to this tag. 

This book tag was created by the following Book Tubers:

For this book tag, you are supposed to pick your top five emojis you use the most and choose a book that goes with that emoji.

Let's just get started!!  


I use this emoji when something brings a smile to my face. This book always puts a smile on my face. This book was such a happy, lovely book. It has a very special place in my heart. 


These are some of my favorite kind of books! I love books that you did not see coming. I love questioning what I thought was true in a story. These books are magical to me. I usually do not see things coming, but I love when I am in complete awe of the story. Of course, I could not narrow my choices on this one. I could have easily had a top ten!


I love books that spark real emotions. I know that I truly love a book when it has made me cry. I am not talking about shedding one tear. I am talking about "face a mess" crying! 


I know technically this is the flushed or blushing emoji, but I do not use it for that purpose. This is the emoji I use when I am thinking "what just happened...". I use this when I do not know what to say and have that glassed-over look across my face. This book. I still do not know how I feel about it. I actually did not finish this one. I had about 100 pages left, out of 602. I actually really loved the first half of this novel. It just became too weird for me and not in a good way. This one left me confused and speechless. 


This is probably my most used emoji. Whenever I truly adore something this is the emoji I use. I adore all of these books and they hold a very special place in my heart. If you have not read these ones, I highly recommend them!

Thanks for visiting today! Have you read any of these books? Do you have the same emotions about them?

Happy Reading!! 


  1. I completely agree with your crying books! ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES DAMAGED MY POOR SOUL. *is still sobbing even though read it 6 months ago* And I'm reading Storm of Swords right now and totally nervous because everyone says it's pretty shocking. >_< *hides in corner trembling*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Yes! I actually had to stop and put that book down because I was sobbing so bad and could not even continue reading! It was bad. Loved every minute of it. 😉 That book was absolutely amazing!!
      I can't wait to hear your thoughts on A Storm of Swords!

  2. Super cute tag! I love Fangirl and it is totally a happy book. Gone Girl totally shocked me. I had no clue the twist was coming. Great picks!

    1. Thanks! It was really fun coming up with the books for this tag! :)