Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rainy Day Reads

We have been getting so much rain lately. I live in the desert  so normally rain does not come very often. Most day here are blue skies, and sunshine, but lately it has been cloudy and rainy. I absolutely LOVE the rain. I love the sound, the fresh air and the cloudiness is so calming to me. One thing I love most about the rain is staying inside drinking some coffee and getting some reading done. Here are some books that I love and think would be perfect for a rainy day!

There is no better time to dive into a great fantasy series then on a rain day. This one is absolutely perfect! Yes, PERFECT! If I listed everything I love about books, this book has it all.
 This story is so whimsical and unique. If you want a beautifully written fantasy book this is the one!

If you are in mood for something to mess with your mind this book is for you! I loved this book so much. This was my first psychological thriller and it had me craving more from this genre.  

This book is perfect for a rainy day! You probably can read it in one sitting. It is a super quick read! This book is so mysterious and I highly recommend not knowing anything about this book before you begin reading it.  

This book is incredible! It has such amazing characters. I loved the magic, ancient customs and the plot is so intense. The main character is Eon, a candidate to become an apprentice dragoneye. Dragoneye's are all men. Eon, is actually Eona, a 16 year old girl, who if she is found out, will be killed.

If you are craving some romance- this is the one! Definitely one of my favorite contemporary couples of all time. This is my idea of the perfect love story. Just read it!!

If you are looking for a book to touch your heart this one definitely will. I absolutely love it. I just finished reading this one a few months ago and I am still thinking about it. I could read it again, right now. I also have a review for this one. Just read it!

Have you read any of these books??? 
What book should I pick up on my next rainy day??

Happy Reading!! 


  1. I just got I'll Give You the Sun from the library! Can't wait to get to it! I loved Gone Girl. I also really liked Lola and We Were Liars - All great rainy day reads!!

    1. Awesome! I hope you really enjoy it!!

  2. What a great collection for a rainy day! I loved Gone Girl.

    1. Thanks! Gone Girl blew me away! I thought it was an incredible book.